Planned completion: 2024

Renens, Parc du Simplon building A1 «Cervin»

SBB Real Estate is transforming a warehouse area in western Lausanne into an avant-garde district with an urban mix of offices, housing, businesses and artisans. Parc du Simplon offers a reinterpretation of the popular district, which is simultaneously serene and contemporary. Situated near to Lausanne, just a few minutes walk from Renens station, the site offers exceptional accessibility.
Building A1 “Cervin” will be completed by the end of 2023 with the first stages implemented between autumn 2020 and summer 2021. It will house SBB’s future Train Control-Centre West, while also providing new commercial, artisanal and office spaces.

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Floor area
11'300 m2
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Plot area
1'140 m2
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Main usable area
7'821 m2
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SBB offices
3'771 m2
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Third party offices
1'157 m2
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Businesses and artisans
1'523 m2
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1'370 m2


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Planning permission 2021
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Start of construction 2022
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End of construction 2023
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Amenities for tenants 2024


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Factsheet (PDF)


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Property for rent in Renens VD

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