Planned completion: 2028

Erlenbach, station area

The Erlenbach station area is being transformed into a modern transport hub with an attractive development, contemporary uses and a re-designed station forecourt. This expansion project in a central location will enable living and working with excellent accessibility, and provide public spaces with a pleasant environment. The interlinking of Bahnhofstrasse, access to the railway, a new development and public space will reinforce the station’s character as a point of arrival and a place to spend time, and will make a contribution to a dynamic village centre.

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Floor area
8'470 m2
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Plot area
2'680 m2
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Main usable area
3'400 m2
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2'700 m2
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Retail and services
700 m2


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Detailed development plan 2023
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Planning permission 2024
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Start of construction 2025
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Start of operations 2028


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Factsheet (PDF)

Contact person

Adrian Kern