Planned completion: 2025

Lucerne, Rösslimatt Construction site B+C

A new district will be built in Lucerne over the next 20 years on a four-hectare site – equivalent to the size of Lucerne’s historic centre – in line with the goals of the 2,000-watt area. SBB is developing Rösslimatt into a district that is vibrant throughout the day with high
quality of life. Residential accommodation, office space and units for restaurants and other services will be built over six construction sites. New outside spaces and green areas will also be created while existing ones will be enhanced. Construction site A, to be used primarily for education, will be followed by construction sites B and C. The building on Bürgenstrasse divided in two by a throughway will contribute to the revitalisation of the area with offices, food outlets and retail.

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Floor area
24'000 m2
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Plot area
4'000 m2
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Main usable area
16'500 m2
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15'000 m2
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Retail and services
1'200 m2
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300 m2
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Demolition work 2021
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Planning permission 2022
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Start of construction 2022
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Start of operations 2025


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Factsheet (PDF)

Contact person

Niklaus Wüthrich