Chêne-Bourg, OPALE

The Chêne-Bourg station area is destined to become the heart of the Trois-Chêne district. The construction of two apartment blocks and a mixed-use twenty-storey building are the first stage of an urban development project focusing on the areas adjoining the future CEVA station, which will ultimately be completed by a mixed development in the north.

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Floor area
16'211 m2
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Plot area
950 m2
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Main usable area
13'659 m2
Office icon
600 m2
Living icon
3'927 m2
Retail icon
9'132 m2

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Property for rent in Chêne-Bourg

Price icon CHF 4'565.– / month
Area icon 4 rooms
Location icon Chemin de la Gravière 5A, 1225 Chêne-Bourg

Contact person

Emmanuel Bridy