Planned completion: 2025

Liestal, Liestal Station Ensemble

SBB will shortly be implementing the winning project Ensemble Bahnhof Liestal by architecture firm Burkard Meyer AG. A long, four-storey building (the newly built station building) and a six-storey building for residential and commercial use are planned. The two buildings are directly connected by way of a connecting structure. The residential and commercial building includes 23 apartments, as well as office and commercial spaces. The project is being carried out at the same time as the four-track extension project of Liestal Station, which will greatly improve local transport connections by 2025.

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Floor area
10'641 m2
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Plot area
4'433 m2
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Main usable area
4'877 m2
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Retail and restaurants
932 m2
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Office space
3'590 m2
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Storage spaces
185 m2
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SBB Travel Centre
170 m2
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Parking spaces (Plot A)


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Construction project 2018
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Planning permission 2021
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Start of construction 02/ 2022
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Upgrades 12/ 2024
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Start of operations incl. SBB travel centre 12/ 2024
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Occupation flats from 07/2024


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Factsheet (PDF)


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Project website

Contact person

Ronny Reuther