Planned completion: 2029

Genève Aéroport, Galerie marchande

The SBB shopping mall is located on the surface easement covered by the 1987 agreement. Since its creation, the building has never been renovated and the technical installations are at the end of their useful life. This situation and Geneva Airport’s desire to build a multimodal hub requiring major construction work prompted SBB to initiate studies for the complete renovation of the shopping mall. Given the numerous interactions and interfaces involved, the renovation project is an integral part of the CAP2030 project led by Geneva Airport.

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Floor area
9'511 m2
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Plot area
15'000 m2
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Main usable area
8'990 m2
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199 m2
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5'244 m2
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Internal areas
2'047 m2
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1'500 m2


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Ousseynou Sène