Planned completion: 2031

Dietikon, station area

Over the next few years, the Dietikon station area will be developed into a contemporary transport hub and a new urban district with a high density of uses and experiences. The station building from 1977 will be maintained and expanded. In coordination with the new station forecourt, the quality of stay around the station will be increased. Commercial, retail and restaurant uses provide for lively ground floors and an attractive urban space. To the north of the station, a lively continuation of the city centre will be built, offering housing with green courtyards and roof terraces, balconies and facilities for the public at ground level. This will be complemented by a services and office building opposite the district building. A diverse, flexible and contemporary range of different housing types for urban lifestyles is planned. Additional flats in the affordable segment will be built in the station building, which will be extended upwards. Thanks to interconnected open spaces and measures for the promotion of biodiversity and the reduction of heat, a new, high-quality urban landscape is being created.

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14'000 m2
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1'700 m2
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3'300 m2
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Plot area
12'500 m2


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Project competition 2028
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Planning permission 2029
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Start of construction 2031


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Factsheet (PDF)

Contact person

Andrea Hagn-Ziegert