Sustainability in life

SBB is making an important contribution to Switzerland’s transport and real estate service offer. The company is developing railway stations and adjacent areas into versatile centres of mobility and neighbourhoods that cover a wide range of needs, including work, education, health, retail, housing and public meeting places. People should enjoy spending time at their stations. Tailoring the services offered at railway stations to the region plays an important role in ensuring this. In addition to people’s attachment to their local stations, regional variation also has an effect on shorter transport routes. SBB is aware of the considerable responsibility it bears on account of the areas it is developing around major stations. For this reason, SBB works closely with the authorities, involving the local population and employing multi-stage competition procedures to ensure that all areas are developed using high-quality urban and architectural planning.


With a range of measures for renovations and new builds, SBB is making its buildings fit for a sustainable future. Our buildings are planned, constructed and operated in an energy-efficient, resource-saving way, with a focus on climate protection, energy-savings, sustainable construction and the circular economy.