SBB Real Estate – an integral part of the integrated railway

SBB Real Estate, with its investment and operating properties, is an important part of the integrated railway, which brings together passenger services, infrastructure, real estate and freight services. Our aim is to make stations attractive for customers, to further develop the station environment and access to rail and to maintain SBB operational facilities efficiently. SBB aims to be climate-neutral by 2030. SBB Real Estate is therefore committed to combating climate change, saving energy, building sustainably and promoting the circular economy.

Around 800 stations and stops


Stations are SBB’s calling card. Safety, cleanliness and comfort are of central importance. Passengers and customers should feel at home. The diverse retail, food and service offering makes stations an even more pleasant place to spend time. Stations are also developed into modern transport hubs. This increases the modal share of public transport, enables people to get where they need to go more quickly and better integrates stations into their surrounding areas.

  • Lucerne station

  • Bern station

  • ShopVille-Zurich main station

  • Basel SBB station

  • Geneva Cornavin station