Planned completion: 2027

Wettingen, site development railway station

Wettingen is located close to the commercial hubs of Zurich and Baden, nestled between the Lägern mountain and the Limmat river. Thanks to extensive urban development, the station site to the north of the tracks, with a plot area of around 37,500 m² (perimeters in the development plan of various landowners), is gradually being transformed into a bustling, vibrant and sustainable district with high-quality housing and open spaces. The newly emerging district has excellent public transport links and offers space for around 110 apartments and plenty of premises for services, retail outlets and restaurants on the SBB plot.

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Floor area
19'000 m2
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Plot area
8'000 m2
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Main usable area
13'400 m2
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3'000 m2
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8'600 m2
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1'800 m2


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Preliminary engineering project 2023
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Construction project 2023/2024
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Start of operations 2027


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Factsheet (PDF)

Contact person

Rico Gugelmann