Winterthur, Lindareal

The 18,000 square metre Lindareal is nestled between two neighbourhoods close to the cantonal hospital and the city centre. Through the relocation of railway infrastructure and tracks, this area can be gradually redesigned. The aim of this urban development project is to create a new, lively neighbourhood that radiates out to the surrounding parts of town and helps to bring them closer together – in part thanks to the urban gateway that will one day connect the neighbourhoods on both sides of the tracks and the Lindareal.

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Plot area
18'350 m2


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Test planning 2023
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Design plan and participa 2024
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Public inspection of the plans 2025
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Quality assurance procedure 2027
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Implementation in stages 2031
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Commissioning in stages 2035


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Factsheet (PDF)

Contact person

Anja Krasselt