Planned completion: 2026

Rotkreuz, Bahnhof Süd

The Bahnhof Süd area is in a central location south of Rotkreuz railway station. With the SBB railway station, the bus station, the “Dorfmattplatz” and the neighbouring community centre, the development area offers a central and important hub for the community and its inhabitants. The well-connected area with a high potential for development is therefore very significant for the project to enhance Rotkreuz. A lively, dense, multi-purpose and attractive district with excellent transport links is planned to be built here in stages.

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Floor area
39'220 m2
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Plot area
8'220 m2


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Design plan 2023
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Construction starts 2025
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Completion 2028


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Factsheet (PDF)

Contact person

Siglinde Pechlaner